Programmatic DOOH: The Future of Advertising

The Future of Advertising

Programmatic Digital Out of Home Advertising or pDOOH allows media buyers to optimize ads according to the time of the day, weather conditions etc in relevant ad environments to identify and reach target audiences. It is a refined approach to Digital OOH, through which one can get added benefits by taking into account data.

The right ad automatically displays itself when the right circumstances and conditions are met. In the case of Programmatic DOOH, media-buyers can use softwares to automate buying advertising space in real-time. In other words, programmatic media buying uses computer algorithms & various data sources to serve the right advertising to the right audience at the right time. The pricing is based on the real-time balance of available inventory and demand.

What makes pDOOH better than DOOH?

The Future of Advertising

The following reasons will convenience you to choose pDOOH over any other kind of advertising.


pDOOH enables media buyers to set specific conditions, which will act as triggers to the purchase of any DOOH ad slot. The triggers will be based on data through various sources. pDOOH does not limit the kind of data that can be used to trigger content. It can be anything, different creatives being delivered at different times of the day or in different weather conditions etc.

More advanced options like weather, markets, an ongoing sports event etc. can also be chosen. Live audience information can also be used as triggers for content at various location for the majority audience at any given time.

One can use multiple triggers as well based on multiple data sources to get a more thorough targeting. Media buyers can create innovative & creative campaigns that make sure that your audience sees ads at more relevant times.

Speed & Flexibility

Programmatic DOOH is software-driven thus it ensures better speed and efficiency. This speed and efficiency are not possible with direct buy. Instead of creating a need for  repeated buying, pDOOH enables brands to deliver relevant messaging faster.

Using the right message at the right time to show to your target audience, whoever it is can be easily done using pDOOH, making it one of the fastest media as these ads can be run in real-time as well.

 Easy to Access:

With an increasing number of DSPs at multiple locations like airports, malls, etc, pDOOH is now becoming very easy to access to both big and small brands. With pDOOH you can create and update multichannel campaigns with ease.

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How to create a good pDOOH campaign?

How to create a good DOOH campaign

Here are some tips for you to get your pDOOH campaign right!

  1. People:

Decide who you want to target with the campaign and why. It is important to know who your audience is and what they need. If you are able to do this right, half of your job is done!

  1. Create a pace:

Instead of directly jumping to create a DCO, take time with the platform. Run several tests first and understand what and how you are getting results. This analysis will help you when you later start with Dynamic Creative Optimization aka DCO.

Creative Dynamic Optimization  is a display ad technology that creates personalized ads based on data about the viewer at the moment of ad serving. Because the creative is both more relevant and also tested and optimized, dynamic ads typically outperform their static counterparts—sometimes by a significant margin.

Initially, you can start with minor optimizations like different creatives running at different times of the day, or according to the weather etc. and later get further down in the line.

  1. Analyze & Adapt:

Programmatic DOOH is fast and effective method for advertising. If done correctly it can yield groundbreaking results. However, there will be limitations to standardised metrics, and ‘success’ may take some time. So, think of ways you would measure success, this could be done via seeing more sales, more foot traffic in those areas, the overall increase in searches etc. Keep analysing and optimising these campaigns to get better results.

An Overview:

Leading DSPs in the market today are integrating pDOOH into their buying platforms and allowing advertisers to buy online and DOOH inventory simultaneously, essentially making each digital billboard panel a mobile screen. The race to a truly programmatic environment is being led by global giants like JCDecaux and Clear Channel Outdoor, which are already making most of their inventory available programmatically.

As more media owners and DSPs begin to support programmatic pDOOH and more buyers begin incorporating the medium into their campaigns, the format will inevitably become an integral part of most mainstream digital media buys.

This is where the potential for pDOOH gets exciting. Rather than cannibalise the OOH market, pDOOH enhances the probability of increased advertising spends for the sector, tapping into campaigns that would not normally be allocated to OOH.

An important point to note is that there is nothing that can be done programmatically that cannot already be accomplished with a direct buy. The key differentiator in pDOOH lies in the speed and efficiency at which you can deliver relevant messaging to your target market. Instead of multiple direct buys with various media owners, you can buy through one single DSP quickly and easily, optimising your time and your budget.


What is pDOOH?

pDOOH or Programmatic DOOH allows media buyers to optimize ads according to the time of the day, weather conditions etc in relevant ad environments to identify and reach target audiences.

What do you mean by DSPs?

DSPs or Demand Side Platforms are the most often used by advertisers and agencies to help them buy display, video, mobile and search ads

What is better pDOOH or DOOH?

Programmatic DOOH is a more refined approach to Digital OOH so you get all the normal benefits of DOOH plus extra as you can enhance your offering via data.

Can I optimize my ads according to the time of the day and weather conditions in pDOOH?

Yes, pDOOH allows you to customize your ads according to various triggers. It can be anything from the time of the day to weather conditions and even an ongoing cricket tournament.

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