Hyper-local advertising backed with data for better reach

Hello Space is a hyperlocal targeted out of home advertising platform. We use a network of digital displays that are setup at high footfall locations/stores to convey the message to the right audience at the right place and time.

We help B2C organisations showcase their products or services to target audiences and help them build high awareness and recalling ability about their products/services.

Building brand awareness and visibility is what we specialize in.

Our Mission:

We come from a background of SME business and understand the helplessness of SMEs to use Out of Home (OOH) as a platform for advertising. Despite having a very high desire to showcase the products or services using OOH, SMEs are unable to do it mainly due to one factor alone – predatory pricing and exorbitantly expensive medium of advertising.

Measurability – OOH as a medium of advertising lacks data right from the core of its functioning and hence proves difficult to calculate and measure ROI. “Data is the new oil”, we strongly believe in this and ensure that every decision to be taken both before and post campaign is backed by data to understand the ROI and impact created. Through our innovative approach of data collection and segregation at locations of ad space setup, we truly bring targeted advertising for out of home.

Hence, we have made it our mission to enable this service to empower SMEs and large organisations equally, benefiting them both with service and data.

We capture patterns and demographics of footfall across all our partner stores and in turn help organisations use this data to identify their target audience and advertise only where it makes sense and creates better impact.

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Hello space is a revolutionary, one of a kind, digital out of home advertisement platform.

Our aim is to be the partner of choice for advertisers, brands and agencies who target customers on the go.

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