Future of DOOH

Future of DOOH in India

DOOH market in India market is gaining popularity and expanding its growth rapidly. Indian DOOH market will expand its operations exponentially over the next five years as more traditional OOH sites are getting transformed to this format and all the brands in market are eager to maximize their sales and profit as this medium of advertising facilitates agility and ability to deliver measurability. Top researchers from industry predict the DOOH market could grow 20-25% over the next five years, or more than double the rate of the total OOH market, where as few observers are even more optimistic.

During the course of time, since it’s advent in India, DOOH screens has grown five-fold to above 4,00,000 in India.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is addition of Digital elements in conventional OOH advertising. DOOH is modernized technology which facilitates interactive advertising empowered by digital channels that are displayed in public places.

Being flexible allows the brands to present their commercials much more dynamically which in turns saves time and gives extra value for money on printing and mounting. Hello Space, believes that DOOH platforms can grow above 35% in the near future.

Government’s allowance for installation of digital signage in public spaces and more such digital equipment, Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising will grow aggressively in the near future, which in turns will encourage DOOH startups and give confidence to the advertising needs of the market.

Due to increased penetration of AR and VR technologies, the DOOH technology has made it a cup of tea for the marketers to enhance their engagements at airports and travelers, upcoming retail spaces, technology targeted campaigns  Digital OOH Agencies offer integration with social media and mobile, plus accurate measurability of Digital OOH, will aid its rapid growth going forward.

Future of DOOH in India

Benefits of DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home)

  • From small edits to an overall campaign shift, the real-time nature of DOOH campaign, DOOH allows marketers to turn on a dime in an ad environment that demands it. Advertisements can become dynamic and adjust themselves according to the response to events.
  • Digital out-of-home advertisement raises the bar of advertising through enhanced creativity & targeting, constant traffic, and many more attention-grabbing elements. With the help of advance technology.
  • The technological advancement and introduction of the concept of geolocation, it has become much simpler for the brand to get specific granular data of the costumers. Whereas OOH forces the brands to buy space based on calculated risk of trapping their audiences.
  • DOOH combines the eye-level visibility of traditional OOH with the agility, analytics, and quick and easy purchasing of digital campaigns. With the right tools and attention to detail, DOOH presents a huge opportunity for brands to increase their visibility and foot traffic.

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The Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising satisfy all the desires of utmost efficiency and effectively.  The demand for faster and preferential content has been increasing day by day and Indian DOOH market is surpassing all the hurdles and serving the desired content to the costumer on-the-go. The digital OOH advertising fits right in the picture as it perfectly satisfies these demands with greater engagements & efficiency than Out-Of-Home Offline Advertising.

Old school OOH Advertising is transforming into a new digitalized manner, which helped the brands and agencies to explore their possibilities to connect to their potential customers. Altering displays to suit the local context – whether that is the weather, time of day or travel patterns – or to deliver a more experiential communication that directly engages the consumer.

In initial days when DOOH advertising was brought to India, airports, malls and metro, railways the places which general faces high footfall during the day were considered as the prime locations. But gradually the trend has changed and digitized billboard in a high traffic junction is now catching the eye of the shoppers as well.  Indian DOOH market has slowly expanded to cinema theatres, hospitals, petrol stations, and even educational institutions.

Alongside the growing penetration of digital sites, the advertising industry has witnessed a steep growth in the investments, the introduction of digital sites has made the investment fairly cost efficient.  The report from 2018 of Outdoor Advertising Association of America stated that 29% of the out-of-home revenue was represented by digital. DOOH is projected to overtake traditional outdoor ad spending by 2020. Our country is fond of innovations and our consumers are forever on the lookout for ‘out-of-the-box, DOOH campaigns are definitely the point of attractions for Indians. With a diverse target audience, the prospect for DOOH in India is definitely high. We at Hello space are excelling in providing DOOH advertising solutions to corporate around India since years. When compared to DOOH companies in India, Hello Space has extra setup of Outdoor Advertising Media in India at various prominent locations such as Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Restaurants, and Super Markets etc. Our organization is committed to some partner locations which experiences footfall up to 1000 people each day. Hello space is the Best DOOH Company in India which has gained the trust of its costumers and is committed to carry future of DOOH on their potentially strong shoulder. Hello space will serve all your needs of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising and will provide you some pocket friendly packages.

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1- What is DOOH Advertising?

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is addition of Digital elements in conventional OOH advertising. DOOH is modernized technology, which facilitates interactive advertising empowered by digital channels that are displayed in public places.

2- Which is best DOOH Company?

Hello space is the best DOOH Company in India

3- What is DOOH market size in India?

DOOH has grown exponentially in the Indian advertisement Industry. Considerable support from government and needs of Indian buyers have given some positive signs towards the growth in DOOH market size.

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