DOOH Trends In 2021

The DOOH industry has been evolving, ideating and re-inventing itself for the time being, especially when it comes to bringing new avenues and categories onboard. DOOH has brought in new opportunities in terms of ROI for all big and small brands. Many huge players in the OOH market are adapting to the new market environment by updating inventories and embracing technological advancements. Crystal gazing forward, leaders share that DOOH, mobile integration and contextual advertising will lead the way to a successful revenue outcome. Here Hello Space brings to you the trends that will drive growth in the industry and their expectations this year

DOOH trends in 2021

It is being deduced that the long-awaited changes in the DOOH domain will gain pace this year. Data, as always, will be the key factor for the decision-making process for investors. Many clients believe in third-party data analysis before making any big investing decisions. Leaders believe that DOOH will gain momentum in 2021 and will form a significant part of media and marketing plans. Also, with the technological advancements, the static media will have to buck up in terms of data collection as well as in terms of rates benefits in order to keep a stronghold in the advertising world. Overall growth in the OOH industry will be quite evident in the second half of the year 2021.

First of, 2021 is going to be the year of technological advancements. There will be improvements in measurements, programmed planning’s and executions. The unified digital media platforms will also enable multiple screen buying from a single source. DOOH is being included by major tech partners as their digital media screen portfolios as it helps them peak their omni channel presence.

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Technological platforms help brands and advertisers to measure and serve Dooh campaign successes. These platforms will be aligned with their digital campaigns, subsequently supercharging the overall media outcome. Thus transforming the OOH ecosystem into a powerful performance marketing channel in the near future for both direct & digital conversions. Digital screens and programmatic DOOH approach would be the key drivers of growth in the upcoming year making a significant contribution to OOH media spends. The union of DOOH with mainstream digital media would also drive in some growth as well.

With global OOH agencies now shifting to DOOH, OOH industry will see a major disruption. The rapid growth of DOOH is dependent on digital c   onsumption of content, which has seen a substantial growth in the past few years be it TV, Cinema or the rise of various OTT Channels. With a lower than a goldfish attention span i.e. 8.5 seconds in a multi-screen environment and a heads-down dwelling generation, DOOH is the only form of medium that’s making them look up for a change. Backed by interesting eye-catching relevant content DOOH is making heads turn and grabbing eyeballs.

Trends of Dooh in india
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More and more brands are willing to invest in DOOH due to its cost effectiveness and accountability. Audience Based Media Buying, Data Backed ROI, Post Campaign Evaluations, and Offline Online Handshakes are amongst the few trends of DOOH that will see growth in 2021.

Consumer confidence has increased with the vaccine coming in, markets are alive again which gives brands and advertisers a new ray of hope and confidence. DOOH is effective enough in aligning the media with clients needs and objectives along with introduction to new paradigms and innovations with new opportunities.

Post lockdown people have again started to go out on the streets which will again give a spike for the OOH markets. The flexibility to add data feeds, video and developing programmatic capabilities to the mix, digital out-of-home is an unbeatable offering, it has an immense technological opportunity to scale up. Digital outdoor advertising contributes to almost 30% of OOH revenues worldwide. Under these circumstances, advertisers who continue to reinvent themselves will likely succeed in subsequent years.

The storytelling improves retention and helps consumers recall events. The brand that has a compelling story to relate to its context is likely to make an impact subconsciously if the ad is narrated distinctly. We foresee, this storytelling trend will be witnessed a lot more in 2021. Using this strategy, outdoor advertising can embrace the concept by designing ads that only tells a part of the story, which makes the audience wait for the next ad in the storyline.

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To increase customer interaction, the integration of mobile and outdoor advertisements is the best option. The use of technology helps potential customers interact with advertisements and share valuable data/feedback in real-time about the campaign. The feedback from the customer helps provide a more customized user experience. The use of a Geo-fencing and beacon are also becoming usual because it enables advertisements to factually jump inside the customer’s phone.

Innovations in technology have broadened the horizon and possibilities of placements of outdoor advertisements, particularly – from AR, VR, Mixed Reality, Gesture motion sensors, Beacon/RFID, mobile-retargeting for hyper-targeting to DOOH, IoT, cloud computing and real-time feed integration in digital screens for advertisements. Advertisers have started consuming such technologies well in busy public places such as airports and metros with high dwell time waiting areas. Nonetheless, billboards and Street furniture (BQS) advertising continues to be the best-sought option to project advertisements for storytelling, brand recall, and location-specific advertisement.

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Mentioned above were the trends that we all will soon witness in the DOOH industry. Hello space is the Best DOOH Company in India which has gained the trust of its customers and is committed to carry the future of DOOH on their potentially strong shoulders. Hello space will serve all your needs of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising and will provide you some pocket friendly packages.


1- What is DOOH Advertising?

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is addition of Digital elements in conventional OOH advertising. DOOH is modernized technology, which facilitates interactive advertising empowered by digital channels that are displayed in public places.

2- Which is the best DOOH Company?

Hello space is the best DOOH Company in India

3- What is DOOH market size in India?

DOOH has grown exponentially in the Indian advertisement Industry. Considerable support from the government and needs of Indian buyers have given some positive signs towards the growth in DOOH market size

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