Benefits of DOOH in India

Benefits of DOOH in India

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Benefits of DOOH in India

The advertising industry in India is booming profusely with the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and new spins on traditional advertising channels like (digital out of home advertising) DOOH advertising India. The technological modernization, digital advancements, and exponential growth of social media has started to challenge and most probably will completely outshine the traditional Out-of-Home Advertising in near future

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DOOH In India

For over a decade now, Advertisement agencies and brands are making huge investments in their marketing budgets on billboards, hoardings, posters, and other forms of outdoor advertising. OOH is growing and standing tall since long time, but digitalization of market and dynamically growing need of humanity has created several challenges to this traditional form of advertisement. Several advertisers and top OOH companies in India have started considering OOH as a non-core, secondary medium, which created disconnect between business and brand, such factors are holding OOH back and forcing the agencies to plan it ‘below the line’. This lead to the birth of Digital Out-Of-Home Creative Advertising. Digital Out-Of-Homeis powered up with Ad Tech – geo-fencing, tracking, retargeting, personalizing, attribution and measurement. Augmented growth and supremacy of online media advertising and technological innovation has called for Out-of-Home advertising to bring in the key element in the present-day advertising world i.e. DIGITAL. Experts in predicted that DOOH market size in India will experience growth rate of about 16 percent annually where as traditional OOH mediums like television and print media will be on the verge to lose its market share 1.5 percent every year.  Coping with the dynamic market demands, Out-of-Home (OOH) has evolved itself into Digital out of Home (DOOH). To find comprehensive one stop solution for all your Digital Out-Of-Home creative needs. Organizations like Global advertisers, Hello spaces, Armour Digital are few of the Best DOOH Company in Bengaluru, India.

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The concept of DOOH advertising is nothing but just an amalgamation of offline Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH) with digital elements. Merging of traditional Out-of-Home Advertising with digital elements has made the advertisement look more interactive and attractive which are being empowered by digital channels & elements that are displayed in environments, which is easily approachable to the public around the country.

DOOH offers edge over old school Out-of-Home advertising by bringing in the technological advancements like digital billboards, digital signage, display screens, etc. While orthodox OOH advertising requires a lot of human-effort for implementation and becomes dull and boring during the course of time.  

Untitled 2 The Influence of DOOH over OOH Advertising

  • From small edits to an overall campaign shift, the real-time nature of DOOH campaign. DOOH allows marketers to turn on a dime in an ad environment that demands it. Advertisements can become dynamic and adjust themselves according to the response to events.
  • Due to advent of technology called geolocation, specific granular data can be provided to the marketers. Conventionally OOH targeted real-estate business, where it forces marketers buy space based on calculated guesses of trapping their audiences.
  • DOOH combines the eye-level visibility of traditional OOH with the agility, analytics, along with quick and easy purchasing of digital campaigns. With the right tools and attention to detail, DOOH presents a huge opportunity for brands to increase their visibility and foot traffic.
  • Digital Out-Of-Home Advertisement raises the bar of advertising through enhanced creativity & targeting, constant traffic, and many more attention-grabbing elements. With the help of advance technology.

With the growing demand by the audience for faster and more personalized content, that is accessible on the go. The digital OOH Advertising fits right in the picture as it perfectly satisfies these demands with greater affectivity & efficiency. In addition, it is not possible with Out-Of-Home offline advertising.

Benefits of DOOH in India Why is DOOH media important?

Best DOOH Company in bengaluru, India

OOH display advertising facilitates businesses to promote their brands to their target audience when occupied outside home. Digital Out-Of-Home is the need of the hour as it’s measurable, accessible, effective, and less intrusive when kept in front of other forms or advertising. It allows businesses to have an edge in this cutthroat competition. For instance, when someone is outside waiting for a bus, which is when an ad at the back of the shelter for a coffee shop can catch his or her eye. Hello space is excelling in its core competencies of providing Digital Out-Of-Home solutions to corporates around India. Hello Space has setup of Outdoor Advertising Media in India at various locations such as Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Restaurants, and Super Markets etc. Our organization is committed to some partner locations that experiences footfall up to 1000 people each day. Hello space is the Best DOOH Company in Bengaluru, India which has gained the trust of its customers, and is ready to serve all your needs of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising at any point of time.


1. What is DOOH market size in India?

DOOH has reached heights in advertisement industry in very less time since its introduction in India. Since it is a growing market in India, DOOH’s market size is expected to grow exponentially in the near future.

2. Which is the Best DOOH Company in Bengaluru, India?

Hello Space is the best DOOH Company in Bengaluru, India.

3.Which are top ooh companies in India?

division of Labor, THIEL, ThreeSixtyEight are few of the top OOH companies.

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