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Every space with an audience is an opportunity!

Showcase your business in hyper-local spaces, enhance visibility and sky rocket your business!!

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Strategic and handpicked locations to bring awareness and visibility with highest awareness, actionability and awareness.

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Control how and when the ads should run. Schedule ads with our DIY platform & completely transparent digital process.


Plan, strategise and experiment with your ads for a fraction of the cost across locations to improve conversions and leads.

Increase your sales and inbound leads

“It’s never been this easy to afford and run OOH advertisement before”

High footfall locations

Locations such as Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Kirana stores, Grocery stores, Coffee shops, Juice parlours, Restaurants etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Understand the transition of audience, time spent & monitor data to optimize your ads

Effectiveness of Hyper-local ADS in a nutshell

Future seems to hold to those who are able to deliver right at the doorsteps of consumers & business

“Sharper focus, highly filtered & high “still time” – Audience with high retention and repeatability is the core motivation behind Indian Outdoor Advertising Agencies, setting up hoardings and running ads with huge banners, with the ability of digital experience and technology. We at Hello Space, are the best DOOH company in Bengaluru, India is extending the experience of OOH to Hyper-local for brands and products to improve visibility, conversions and brand awareness through digitized Outdoor Advertising.”

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Hello space is a revolutionary, one of a kind, digital out of home advertisement platform.

Our aim is to be the partner of choice for advertisers, brands and agencies who target customers on the go.

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